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Irene charity foundation | Service Over Self

Service Over Self
Serving the gift of education to help those Who matter
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Irene Charity Foundation Helps the Less Privilege Students in Africa gain an adequate Education starting with Nigeria. We are developing sustainable classroom environments with adequate classroom materials for less privilege students in countries like Nigeria through your donations.

"Our Success"

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"What we Do"

Irene Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission to help the less Privilege Students in Africa to gain an  adequate education especially in Nigeria.We want to serve those children who have no resource or access to education in a Growing Society. Irene Foundation will be mainly focusing on the mission to help these children create a better hope for their future.

"Our Achievements"

“ Our Core Objective "

We have a mission to inspire and serve orphans, children in poverty and disabled children in communities around the world.We want to serve for those who have no resource or access to education & modern society. 

How do you Reduce Illiteracy in Africa? You start with the children.

Help a child in Nigeria gain full sponsorship to his/her education in order to reduce child trafficking, gang violence, rape and hawking on streets.


One time or monthly giving.
Help a meaningful cause.
Make a difference in the world!


Give Your Collaborations
Teach Children
Live a Happy Life

Every Child Deserves an Education Free Of Poverty