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Irene charity foundation | Service Over Self

Our Projects


We Try to Establish schools for the Students


We Help less privilege students to gain an education


We Provide Medications to Children

CoronaVirus Pandemic

Due to coronavirus pandemic Poor nations with weak health systems are drowning in debt, while rich nations are showing they can unlock trillions to build new hospitals and keep their economies alive. This virus pandemic has affected thousand of poor families  in africa who are unable to feed there family & neither can go outside for regular work. Please donate to parents who can’t afford to send their children to school anymore because they lost their job due to the corona virus.

CoronaVirus Pandemic Fund

$0 of $5,000 raised

CoronaVirus Pandemic Fund

$0 of $5,000 raised

CoronaVirus Pandemic has affected thousands of parents who can’t afford to send their children to school anymore because they lost their job. Support them by donating below.

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Irene Foundation is devoted to the care for the education of orphans whose parents are deceased or otherwise unable or unwilling to take care of them. Orphans face a variety of school bulling due to obvious differences in wealth class. Children who are orphans are most likely to drop out of school into gang related violence, child trafficking or street hawking than children who have one or two parents available. Further more, we cannot leave out the disabled children who have been crippled by the societal norms about them. They too deserve an education. The chances of a disabled child ever going to school is narrow because of the minimum amount of sponsors with an ever growing population. Volunteer to commit to our team or donate to make the difference.

Medical Treatment

IRENE FOUNDATION seeks to provide first aid boxes to children, re-construction of the toilet sewage systems, clean water bore whole systems with medications for malaria and fever which is very rampant in the underdeveloped rural communities. We are also seeking to provide free sanitary products for the menstruation of both the female students and teachers all through your generous donations.



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” (Nelson mandela)

Sitting for the government to make a change is the irony that collapses the future of the children that we birth to lead it. We cannot undermine our mission to provide every less privilege child an education because we know that if we can make the difference in just one child then we have made the change to influence so many more. There is no better time than to help as the population of children drop up rises to over 10 million in just Nigeria alone. Many students cannot afford the books to go to school nor the uniforms so they are left as child hawkers on the street. The case of deaths, rapes and trafficking among child hawkers are at an alarming increase that if we do not do something to stop it then we have failed our future. This is why we say service over self. Help by donating, volunteering or contacting us.